When is Counseling or psychotherapy required?

When is Counseling or psychotherapy required?

Life isn’t always smooth sailing. There are moments when it feels like our emotions are stacking up like a towering pile of laundry that never seems to end. You’ve probably heard your fair share of advice from friends, but when those familiar words just don’t seem to trim it anymore, it might be time to […]

What to expect in the first counseling session?

Heading to your first counseling session? Feeling nervous? It’s completely normal to feel nerve-wracking when starting counseling. You’re not alone. I’m here to walk you through what this initial visit is all about. This blog breaks down everything you need to know about what a first counseling session entails. You’ll learn about the process, what […]

Let’s Talk: Understanding ABC’s of Mental Health Counseling in India

In India, counseling and therapy has long remained a taboo. Moreover, sometimes the inaccurate portrayals of mental health professionals in Bollywood and recent OTT platforms does not help with that taboo. Here, we will try to debunk the myths associated with the mental health settings while listing the criteria for an appropriate counseling environment.   […]

The Procrastination Trap

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram Have you ever put off that one nerve-wracking assignment for the very last day? Or have you experienced working on an assignment for an entire week, still not being satisfied with it and making changes till the deadline even though you could have submitted it early? Welcome to […]

Impact of Type1 Diabetes on Mental Health

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram Diabetes Mellitus (commonly known as Sugar) is a metabolic disorder characterized by higher-than-normal blood glucose level. It results from defects in insulin secretion, insulin inaction or both. There are two main types of Diabetes: Type 1 and Type 2. In this article, I’m specifically going to talk about […]

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