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Choosing the right career is one of the most important choices a student has to make, where a ‘right’ career implies being happy and satisfied with your work while earning a decent salary.

Choosing the right career is one of the most important choices a student has to make, where a ‘right’ career implies being happy and satisfied with your work while earning a decent salary. And this, contrary to one’s belief, should optimally start from senior school around the age of 14yrs or when one is in IX standard.  

While some of us feel lucky to be aware and confident of our career choice before choosing the stream, many of us also struggle with it and stay confused. Not being aware of the right career choice for us often leads to embarrassment when someone questions about it. And thus, instead of putting enough effort into exploring different career choices, we often escape by choosing the careers our friends are choosing or elder siblings/ cousins are suggesting. 

Sometimes it is also the lack of guidance at the right time that leaves us clueless and helpless. Due to this lack of guidance and awareness of our skillset and aptitude, we often end up choosing a career that does not match our interests and personality. 

The wrong choice of profession is usually realized late in life which again leaves us with the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness. Therefore, it is highly recommended that we go through the process of career assessment and counseling to make an informed decision.

Have you ever thought of the amount of time
we invest in our respective jobs every year?

It is believed that we spend approximately 71% of our time at work every year. This equals roughly 31 years out of 45 years from the beginning of our career till we retire. Hence, the importance of choosing the right career cannot be overemphasized.

THE 3 STEP Procedure

Career Assessment
Career Assessment involves exploration of a child’s interest areas, personality, intelligence quotient, skillset, and abilities, as well as aptitude using standardized and accredited career tests and questionnaires to come up with best-suited professions.
Career Profiling
Based on the result of each individual test and questionnaire, Career Profiling is done. Career Profiling means combining the results of questionnaires and tests in order to shortlist a few careers that will align with our interests, aptitude, and personality. When a career is chosen keeping our personal profile in mind, helps us feel confident.
Career Counseling
Career Counseling is the last step where a trained counselor guides you with the future of the shortlisted careers. You can discuss your doubts and queries and ultimately make an informed choice. Once a respective career is chosen to pursue, the counselor also guides you with the choice of colleges, test preparation, etc.

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