Four Types Of Parenting

Four types of parenting

Parenting is a tricky, complicated, ongoing lifelong process due to which it is tough to be given labels. Parenting is essential since the support and nurturing provided by parents from early years later reflects in an individual’s personality in teenage and adult life. However, throughout the world, four main types of parenting are recognized. These are: 

  1. Authoritarian
  2. Neglectful or Uninvolved
  3. Permissive
  4. Authoritative

We must remember that these are not strict categories and parents may possess traits or practice ways of one style in some situations and a different style in another situation. While there is no one correct way of parenting, researchers, including the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), have reached a general consensus that the authoritative style of parenting is the best and most optimum way of parenting.

Let us explore each style of parenting : 

Authoritarian Style

What is it? 

The authoritarian style of parenting encompasses parents who are extremely strict and rigid about their child’s routine and discipline. There is a lack of warmth and love in this style of parenting. Parents become so involved in disciplining their children that they forget or neglect to form emotional bonds with them. They do not take their children’s feelings or emotions into account. Often, children of authoritarian parents do not even know if a rule is established until they have to face the consequences for it. Such parents are extremely particular about punishments as well. Almond moms, mothers who are extremely picky about the food their children eat and make children follow strict diets to maintain their body figures, would be considered authoritarian parents.

What is the result?

Children of authoritarian parents grow up to be extremely rebellious and notorious. Some may even develop a fear of punishment. They become dependent on their parents since they are used to the parents deciding all the rules of their lives such as what time to eat, where to go play or who to spend time with. As a result, such children also lack social skills and have difficulty forming relationships with others on their own. 

Neglectful Style

What is it?

Neglectful parents, as the name suggests, are quite absent from their child’s life. They are neither strict nor do they show warmth. They set up very few rules for their children and hardly spend time with them. Such parents are often unaware of their child’s whereabouts or their likes and dislikes. Children who grow up with such less parental attention and guidance often end up raising themselves. It sounds undoable but many children have to due to their consequences. An example of this could be parents who both have typical 9-5 office jobs, live in metropolitan cities and have employed nannies to take care of their children. Some parents in the given scenario may be highly involved in their professional lives and feel that financial providing is sufficient to raise a child. Neglectful parenting is often situational and not incidental.

What is the result?

Children of neglectful parents often mature earlier than people their age. They grow up to be extremely self-sufficient, independent and resilient. Often, this can result in them not forming social relationships very easily since they have not experienced loving and trusting someone in their early life. Some also show low self-esteem and a lack of social skills.

Permissive Style

What is it?

Permissive parents value open communication. They provide extreme love and warmth but on the other side, they are very lenient. They do not set rules for their children. They allow almost everything and work according to their child’s will. Such parents are also very overprotective. Starting from early years with hygiene to later teenage years with the environment and company their child must play in, these parents try to manage everything (according to the child’s choice, however) so that their child is not hurt in any way. Such parents ask their children what they would like to eat before each meal and would give burgers if the child says so. They try to do everything to become their child’s best friends.

What is the result?

Children of permissive parents grow up to be dependent and cannot take their own decisions. They are not prepared for adult life since they are not used to things not going their way. Since they are not used to consequences and punishments, they have trouble figuring out school as well as adult life. Research shows that kids who grow up with permissive parents are more likely to struggle academically. Some show low self-esteem and have higher chances of being physically unhealthy or unfit.

Authoritative Style 

The authoritative style of parenting is considered the perfect or ideal type of parenting since it is considered to be the balance of warmth and strictness. They allow for flexibility but do establish rules. Such parents allow their children to be independent but do not let them do everything at their will. They set boundaries and explain the reasons behind those boundaries. These parents understand the effect of situations and adapt their rules according to those. They also focus on establishing a healthy emotional and nurturing bond with their child. 

What is the result?

Children of authoritative parents are extremely friendly and goal-oriented. They try to maintain a balance of different spheres of their lives – academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. They become responsible and confident adults. They are also better at managing and regulating their emotions. 





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