Meet Surbhi Manocha: Your Trusted Child Counselor

A child counselor specializes in supporting and guiding children and adolescents dealing with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. Through various therapeutic techniques and approaches, child counselors help young individuals navigate challenges and develop coping skills to lead fulfilling lives.

About Surbhi Manocha

Surbhi Manocha is a licensed mental health practitioner based in Meerut, India, with over six years of experience. She specializes in working with children, adolescents, and adults, offering counseling and individual psychotherapy services. Surbhi holds a Master in Applied Psychology (Clinical) from Delhi University and specializes in Child Guidance and Counseling from the National Institute of Public Cooperation and Child Development, Ministry of Women and Child Development.

Why Choose Surbhi Manocha as Your Child Counselor?

Choosing the right child counselor is crucial for ensuring effective support and positive outcomes for your child. Here are some compelling reasons why Surbhi Manocha stands out as an excellent choice:

1. Expertise and Experience:

With years of experience working with diverse age groups, Surbhi possesses the expertise to address a wide range of emotional and mental health concerns in children and adolescents.

2. Specialization in Child Counseling:

Surbhi’s specialized training in Child Guidance and Counseling equips her with unique insights and strategies tailored specifically to meet the needs of young individuals.

3. Compassionate Approach:

Surbhi approaches her practice with compassion, empathy, and a genuine desire to help her clients thrive. She creates a safe and supportive environment where children feel comfortable expressing themselves and exploring their emotions.

4. Collaborative Partnership:

Surbhi believes in building strong partnerships with both children and their families to facilitate holistic healing and growth. She values open communication and actively involves parents in the therapeutic process.

5. Evidence-Based Techniques:

Surbhi utilizes evidence-based therapeutic techniques and interventions to promote positive change and empower children to overcome challenges effectively.
Whether your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, behavioral issues, or any other mental health concern, Surbhi Manocha is committed to providing personalized and effective support to help them lead happier and healthier lives.

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