What is Intellectual Disability or Intellectual Developmental Disorder?

What is Intellectual Disability or Intellectual Developmental Disorder?

Intellectual Disability (I.D.), also known as Intellectual Developmental Disorder, is a disorder that typically emerges during the developmental period and involves deficits in both intellectual and adaptive functioning across various domains. This disorder encompasses deficits in cognitive abilities like reasoning and problem-solving, as well as difficulties in meeting personal, practical and social expectations. Without consistent […]

Purpose of Counseling

Purpose of Counseling

With all sorts of unexpected challenges, stressors, and problems in life, one must understand that counseling goes beyond severe mental health concerns and disorders. It’s a valuable process to deal with and manage everyday life challenges we all face. Whether it’s dealing with exam stress, figuring out career paths, overcoming procrastination, or struggling with marital […]

Why Do Children and Adults Need Counseling?

Why Do Children and Adolescents Need Counseling?

Childhood is a period of growth and learning, but it also presents children with challenging situations that can overwhelm them. From the stress of schoolwork to fulfilling parental demands and expectations, challenges are countless. So, it’s okay for children to experience emotions like confusion or stress, but when these feelings start to significantly impact or […]

Psychiatry vs. Psychology: Understanding the Difference

In the past decade, the words psychology and psychiatry have come to dissociate from their common misconceived notion of study or treatment of madness/mad people. However, a lot of confusion and misconceptions regarding the two disciplines (yes they are not the same!) still linger in society and need to be resolved. In this article, we […]

Four Types Of Parenting

Four types of parenting

Parenting is a tricky, complicated, ongoing lifelong process due to which it is tough to be given labels. Parenting is essential since the support and nurturing provided by parents from early years later reflects in an individual’s personality in teenage and adult life. However, throughout the world, four main types of parenting are recognized. These […]

Play Therapy for Children with Autism

Play Therapy is a form of therapy that extensively uses play activities and toys to explore and improve various psychological issues. It is mainly used with children since it uses objects and activities that are more relatable to their real-life everyday experiences. Hence, they do not feel like they are in a watchful medical or […]

Self-Esteem and Self-Worth: Your Path to Personal Growth

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram Cultivating self-esteem and self-worth is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth that lays the foundation for a positive self-image. In a world where external influences often shape our perceptions of ourselves, it becomes crucial to embark on this transformative path to build a strong and resilient sense […]

5 Simple Ways to Practice Self-Care

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram In today’s largely independent world, it has almost become a necessity to take care of ourselves. We do not always have people around us who would readily take care of us. This is an extremely challenging task, especially for early adults who are moving to college or starting […]

The Procrastination Trap

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram Have you ever put off that one nerve-wracking assignment for the very last day? Or have you experienced working on an assignment for an entire week, still not being satisfied with it and making changes till the deadline even though you could have submitted it early? Welcome to […]

The Silent Struggle: How Toxic Masculinity Takes a Toll on Men’s Mental Health

The Silent Struggle: How Toxic Masculinity Takes a Toll on Men's Mental Health

Share This Story Facebook-f Twitter Linkedin-in Instagram “Man up”, “Boys don’t cry”, and “Boys will be boys” might seem harmless when used to encourage or motivate young boys. However, the significant impact of such phrases on young boys’ minds is amplified in the later teenage years as well as adulthood. These phrases are the epitome […]

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