How Parenting leads to Perfection in Children

Did your parents often criticize you? Did they struggle to provide you with the needed encouragement? Were you often scolded for small slip-ups?  Did they seem unable to pay attention to your emotional needs, leaving you to fend for yourself? If these questions ring a bell, you’re not alone. Many perfectionists trace their tendencies back […]

What is career assessment?

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, unsure of which career path to take? It’s a common dilemma that most of us face. The good news is, there’s something that can help you navigate this uncertainty: career assessment. But what exactly is career assessment, and how can it provide you with valuable insights into […]

How Personality Assessment Helps in Choosing Career

Discover your dream career by understanding your unique personality! 🌟 This blog is your guide to using personality assessments as a lantern in the career maze. Learn about different frameworks like Myers-Briggs, uncover your strengths and preferences, and find out how it all ties into a fulfilling career. It’s more than just a job; it’s about aligning your work with who you truly are. Let your personality be the compass leading you to success and satisfaction. Dive into the journey of self-discovery now! 🔍✨ #CareerDiscovery #PersonalityAssessment #DreamJob 🚀

What to expect in the first counseling session?

Heading to your first counseling session? Feeling nervous? It’s completely normal to feel nerve-wracking when starting counseling. You’re not alone. I’m here to walk you through what this initial visit is all about. This blog breaks down everything you need to know about what a first counseling session entails. You’ll learn about the process, what […]

A Practical Guide to Authoritative Parenting

The authoritative style of parenting allows for flexibility in children but parents also establish rules. Such parents allow their children to be independent but do not let them do everything at their will. They set boundaries and explain the reasons behind those boundaries. These parents understand the effects of situations and adapt their rules according […]

Crushing 9-5 Stress: Strategies for a Healthier, Happier Workday

You know that feeling of relief when you finally receive that job acceptance letter after applying to tons of places? If you answered yes, then you must also know that that feeling of relief is quite temporary and stress continues its reign in our life. Workplace stress can be more severe because you expect it […]

Let’s Talk: Understanding ABC’s of Mental Health Counseling in India

In India, counseling and therapy has long remained a taboo. Moreover, sometimes the inaccurate portrayals of mental health professionals in Bollywood and recent OTT platforms does not help with that taboo. Here, we will try to debunk the myths associated with the mental health settings while listing the criteria for an appropriate counseling environment.   […]

Cracking the Code: How EQ and IQ Shape Success in the Corporate Sphere

Being a part of today’s corporate world, we are much too aware about the prevalence and importance that is being lent to emotional intelligence. So let’s uncover how and when Emotional intelligence emerged into the world as a quotient of intelligence, a vital skill and a personality trait. The term Emotional Intelligence was officially coined […]

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