Accepting the Change, but Mindfully!

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As the lockdown period increases, people who were earlier managing/handling their worries somehow are losing their patience too.

This is indeed a testing period for everyone. However, there is a need to realize that coping skills/ mechanisms should be imbibed in us rather than using them only during testing times. 

Let me explain this statement with an example. Suppose you are used to having bed tea every day without skipping. And it has been this way for a long time. Suddenly one day, your doctor asks you to stop having it. Would it not make it difficult for you to proceed ahead with your day?

I’m sure it will! And imagine if you are strictly asked to stop without getting mentally prepared or without gradually developing this habit. This is what is happening in our life currently. We were least prepared for a lockdown or even if we were, we probably did not imagine it to be for a prolonged period.

It is therefore difficult for many of us to digest reality.

Also, as the lockdown started, probably most of us did not consciously think through the changes it will bring in our respective lives. Lockdown simply did not mean a break from our usual routine.

It meant a lot of different things for each one of us. It meant creating a new routine and adjusting to it, changing our priorities, replacing office hours with different activities, being confined in our homes with restricted mobility, access to fewer resources, staying in touch with our friends and relatives only through technology as well as shifting our focus and goals in life temporarily or probably permanently for some… 

This is the time to realize how we took activities, resources, and other things for granted.

It means we cannot have get-togethers in our homes, favorite restaurants, or meeting spots, we cannot attend yoga/ Zumba/ aerobics class or gym, cannot go to clubs or discos, cannot order our favorite meal online or eat at our favorite restaurant, homemakers cannot experience the relief of ‘me time’ (when the family members are out for work and/or children are going to school), cannot go to the salons for our personal grooming, cannot go on summer vacations this time, etc. 

Also, for many of us, it is a challenging time too.

Some are facing financial trouble while some are worried about their savings getting over soon. Some might have faced financial losses while others’ professional dreams might have been shattered. Some must be anxious about losing their jobs while many would have actually lost their jobs during this lockdown.

And most importantly, not to forget people who are facing physical and/or mental health concerns.

They are finding it difficult to continue or start their treatment. It must be a painful time for many of them. All in all, each one of us is going through a tough time, be it on a personal level or together as a family. 

Change is inevitable and it might or might not be pleasant, but what makes our journey comparatively easy is the acceptance that we bring to our minds regarding the change.

We must learn to accept changes. We can have our own pace but we must accept. Any transition requires a lot of conscious effort and it definitely isn’t easy.

But taking a step towards it every day can help us a great deal in accepting it eventually. Some people might face a lot of difficulty in taking that one step, either because they don’t know what this first step should be or they aren’t able to take it without the push and/ or guidance of others.

So this one step towards acceptance is confronting our thoughts and feelings. When we do this, we become responsible in the real sense. And this responsibility further encourages acceptance.

Also, it is common to feel overwhelmed with this responsibility. So, what should we do about it!? We should communicate those thoughts and feelings. We can share them with our family member(s), relative(s), a friend(s), or even with a counselor. We can even pen down the thoughts. When we do this, we feel light. 

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