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The entire nation is in shock with the death news of a versatile, successful, and famous actor who seemingly was an inspiration for many. Speculations are that he committed suicide. 

First of all, irrespective of how or why he lost his life, can we at the moment only express our emotions rather than asking numerous questions to the person providing this news or searching about it on the internet. I understand that some of you might be in shock and thus a series of questions (thoughts) would have popped up in your mind.

I can understand that but can we try keeping these questions to ourselves for some time and simply express our feelings for the lost soul!

As of now, can we only focus on expressing condolences and extending our help to his loved ones in any way possible from our side? Can we show them that no information is necessary for us at the moment and what really matters is that we have lost him and that our support might be required by his loved ones at this time of grief? 

I believe the need to support his family is more than quenching our curiosity at the moment. It is somewhere our inquisitive nature that has put various media houses into the interrogative mode.

Secondly, his death images are getting viral on social media. For me, even more, disturbing than those pictures is the fact that people have made it viral. Not once did they think about this insensitive act.

Every day we are bombarded with new information through the internet where we can go to any lengths and depths in searching about a given topic.

This information is simply a click away 24/7. This has somehow proved to be fatal for us as in this process we have lost our real and true expressions, lost the attitude to act responsibly, and have somehow become insensitive. We simply have stopped thinking in this rush. Over time our brains have been wired in a way that we only want information and the more the better.

I just want all of us to take a pause and think about what his family must be going through. It is already a disturbing time for his family, why make it more difficult for them through these unthoughtful actions of ours. 

PS – This post is NOT intended to ONLY relate to Sushant Singh Rajput’s situation. But it is meant to create awareness about how we can choose to become mindful of our actions during such difficult times. 

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