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Hello everyone! Since COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has been the hot topic of discussion these days, I would like to create my post on the same. 

Lately, I have been observing mixed feelings among the public. The entire world is in a state of turmoil. On one hand, people are relieved about getting a break from their hectic routine which means no more long commutes to the office or getting stuck in traffic, some are happy about the positive impact of it on our environment while many children are happy about their exams getting postponed or completely canceled.

Some of us are utilizing this time productively by engaging in fitness activities, meditation, reading, playing indoor games, trying our hand at cooking, etc, all in all, creating ways to spend quality time with our families. 

While on the other hand, people are concerned about catching the virus or the spread of this epidemic in general. On top of it, media coverage seems exaggerated and subjective at times. The tone and choice of words of news reporters don\’t seem neutral and professional. All this creates an atmosphere of fear and tension among the public along with a lot of confusion due to information overload.

It is an extremely difficult (& scary) time for healthcare professionals and patients as well. Many who are staying away from their families are getting free time to travel back home but the irony is that they can\’t. People are also equally worried about their businesses and crash in the economy. But most importantly it is an extremely difficult phase for the daily wage workers. 

Thus, in the end, it is a choice one has to make whether to focus on the positive aspects of the current situation or not! I am not asking anyone to stay delusional or not consider the practical implications of the current scenario.

But one can only fight this by taking necessary precautions, focusing on increasing immunity, and looking after their mental health while staying at home.

Don’t add unnecessary burden to the healthcare professionals by not looking after your health. Create some positive affirmations for self (such as \’I am happy and healthy\’) and have a sense of gratitude in these difficult times. This phase too shall pass!

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