Don’t Judge but Understand!

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People often blame the one who commits suicide. They even try to prove him \’pagal\’ either intentionally or unintentionally through their own statements. The person committing suicide is often regarded as \’kamzor\’ (weak) or a \’haara hua insaan\’ (failure). 

First of all, it\’s easy to judge or blame others. Secondly, it’s difficult to understand the pain of others unless one has gone through the same/similar situation in the past.

Thirdly, there are even those who always (or most of the time) feel their pain/problem is bigger than others and holds more importance.

So even when people have gone through the same/similar circumstances in their past they are still not able to understand others at present.

Some people even make comparisons that if they could survive a similar situation why couldn\’t the one who committed suicide. This ultimately reflects how self-centered we are.

We must have often heard people saying \”How can he/she commit suicide!?\” or \”Aisa kaise kr lete hain log apne sath!!?\” I will try to explain this with an example.

When we get hurt and the wound is severe, most of us are not able to do our own dressing because it hurts. So it is our tendency that we are not able to hurt ourselves intentionally. 

Now try to imagine the extent of mental suffering of a person committing suicide that the pain of harming oneself and taking own life is comparatively easier than the pain of living and surviving. 

I hope this helps you understand others better.

P.S. – This post is not intended to normalize suicide. It is created for people to realize that they need to be more caring and respectful towards others.

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